How to shoot hi-res portraits remotely with both iPhones and Android phones.



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FULL RES @4032px!!

After pioneering the FaceTime photoshoot, and shooting more than 300 sessions all over the world, I’ve now discovered an incredible new way to shoot at the subject’s phone-camera’s full native resolution! Safe to say my mind has been blown!!

Malin @ jadore

Malin @ jadore

Isabella @ jadore

Isabella @ jadore

Shooting through FaceTime has been an incredible way for me to connect with people all over the world, and while I love the images I’ve created in all their charming lo-fi glory, the ability to use the full capabilities of the incredible cameras the newer iPhones have is an absolute game changer.

Kate in Manchester shot with the original FaceTime technique - I always display images shot this way as a triptych to gloss over how low-res the individual images are. But no more!

Kate in Manchester shot with the original FaceTime technique – I always display images shot this way as a triptych to gloss over how low-res the individual images are. But no more!

Ok, so the magic new technique?

It’s all down to a pair of incredible (and free!!) apps, for iPhone users the app is CLOS. (Read on for new Android option!)

Once you and your subject have downloaded the app, you create a ‘room’, you send them a link to it and voila, you’re in a video call with the ability to take photos and/or video with their camera, that save directly to their camera roll, so not at all dependant on the internet connection! It is super important for your subject to ensure they have a decent amount of free space on their phones, the only times I’ve had issues using Clos is when the subject’s phone is full!

NEW: For android users there is Shutter, which is operated on your end through a browser window and on an app on their phone. You can see the photos come through as you shoot, and then download all as a zip file.

Make sure to have your subject flip to their back camera – their screen should be facing away from them during the shoot. My prefered method of being supported while shooting is to be tied to a can of beans with a hair-tie. Trust me, it works great! I have also been gaffer-taped to ceilings, walls, even a boiler. Might need to discuss this with my therapist tbh.

CLOS now has a ‘Cloud’ feature which allows you to set the photos to upload directly from the subject’s phone without being (visibly) stored on their phone. This can be useful if you don’t want to spoil the surprise of the finished edited photos. I have not found this to be 100% foolproof in the past but I’ve been working with the team at CLOS and I think we’ve ironed out the bugs. For 100% peace of mind that there will be no issues with the file transfer you can still have the photos save to the subject’s phone and have them WeTransfer them to you.

Here are my instructions I send for WeTransfer upload:

Go to

Click ‘add your files’ 

Hit ‘Photo Library’ 

Hit ‘all photos’

Scroll up to the first photo from our session

There’s a bit of a knack to this bit, you’re selecting the first photo and then dragging the selection diagonally down to select all the images

When you have all the images selected hit Done at the top

Hit Next at the bottom

Select ‘send an email’ 

Email to:

Hit Transfer! 

Grab the verification code sent to your email, pop that in, and you’re all done! 

Berry, Israel

Berry, Israel

Andreea, Romania

Andreea, Romania

As ever, the tech is just a tiny part of what makes a successful virtual shoot!

Get creative.

Have fun.

Connect with your subject.

Enjoy the experience!

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