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1. Yorkshire wedding photographer

2. Proud Northerner

3. Caffeine fuelled creative

You bring the party, I’ll bring the camera.

Planning a wedding can be a lot. So when it comes to the day itself, you want to be fully present. Totally immersed, completely locked in, you want to be doing nothing other than being your brilliant selves, and having the time of your life with your nearest and dearest.

You also want to be able to bottle a little bit of that feeling, and make it instantly relivable for the rest of time. To have a record of just how awesome it was bringing all of your very favourite faces together for one epic day. 

Hi, I’m Tim, and I can capture your day in all it’s weird/wild/wonderful glory, in a natural, unposed, cringe-free way. 

No cheesy shit.

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Photography that’s personality-full and stress-free

Anyone can take photos of how your wedding day looks, but a photographer that can properly record how it feels is harder to find – so well done you. Good photographer-hunting.  

Finding the laughs, the tears, the glances and the dad-dances – it’s all a big game to me and I still buzz off it every time. 

I won’t make you feel awkward or on show, posed or forced. 

I will make sure you feel like the best version of yourself, in all of your authentic glory, both on the day and when you look back. 

Your photos will be full of energy, humour and emotion – just like you. 

(This doesn’t mean I won’t take any group photos if you want them – I totally will and I’ll make them quick and painless so you can all get to partying asap).

Let’s be honest

Everyone’s been to a wedding where the photographer was a kn*bhead. 

I promise I’m not that guy. 

Just me and my camera spending the day with you and your crew, while you drink and dance and celebrate. 

That sounds more like it, right?

My style of documentary wedding photography allows me to blend in with the day effortlessly, capturing you and your guests’ real reactions, real feelings, and real dodgy dance moves. In fact, the feedback I get most often is:

“All our guests thought you were a mate, that’s how well you ‘got’ us and our day.

They couldn’t believe we’d hired you – until they saw the photos!”

Natural, alternative wedding photography that captures the emotion and electricity of your day, for laidback lovers who know how to party.

If you’re a creative couple planning a knock-out alternative wedding day, and the above sounds like what you’re looking for, then take a look around and give me a shout. 

Photos as fun as you are.

Named one of the Top 30 Wedding Photographers in the world by Rangefinder Magazine

(which was nice)

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So that’s me.

Signing off for now. Thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom. I appreciate you.