FATHM - Tim Dunk


Hi Abigail!

It was great talking with you and hearing more about FATHM and what you do – sounds like a great place to work! Definitely interested to discuss how I could help beyond this particular project.

High quality portraits

– remotely –

through the phone!

You need high quality portraits in different locations around the country, or even the globe.

But from planning to execution, tight timelines and tighter budgets, it can be a little overwhelming.

Over the last three years, Tim Dunk has pioneered the possibilities of remote photography, using only a smartphone.

He has captured hundreds around the world,

from Boston to Beijing,

for everyone from startups to global brands like Apple & Google.

With the magic of technology Tim takes mind-blowingly great photos, with no travel needed for subject or photographer.

Tim can take photos of anyone, anywhere
using just their smartphone

“I couldn’t recommend Tim more – he’s approachable, yet professional and his work and processes are of the highest quality.

As a geographically dispersed team, Tim’s innovative way of taking photos has been a game changer for us.”

– Sophie Brooks, Rubica

Tim photographed a person in
all 50 US states in a single day

The process couldn’t be simpler, I’ll create a booking page for your team members to select a day and a time that works for them and their schedule.

A custom guide will be created, explaining clearly the process for each team member

(it’s as simple as downloading an app, and then being on a video-call with me and being guided through the photoshoot)

So far everyone I’ve worked with has enjoyed the process!

As discussed, pricing is based on a per-person basis, with efficiencies being possible for bookings of 5 or more people.

We’d be looking at £200+vat per person for the initial round, and £250+vat per person for ad-hoc extras down the line – the beauty of this way of working is that when new team members join, getting a portrait of them that’s consistent with the others is as simple as sending them the booking link!

Obviously get in touch if there’s any more info you or any of the team would like!