FaceTim-Voucher - Tim Dunk


FaceTim Vouchers

Be a part of the world’s largest remote photography project.

Give the gift of professional photographs without leaving the house!

Through your iPhone/Android

Hi. I’m Tim and I’ll take photos of you anywhere in the world through your phone!

Let me tell you how it works

You book in at a time when your place is getting the Good Light.

We video-call.

You strap your phone to a tin of beans with a hair-tie.
(Yes seriously).

We run around your house looking for the Good Light.
(when I say we, you do the running, I do the looking).

I take some awesome photos of you/and your cat/and your kids/and whatever you want photographing (I have some STORIES).

The photos are magicked to me through the internets (I don’t know how it works, it just does) and over the next 2-3 days I lovingly edit them to make them even more super awesome.

I send you a link to download your 10-15 edited photos.


  • You get a fun creative record of these weird-ass times
  • You get a new profile pic
  • You get some cool photos for the ‘gram
  • You get to see your home through the eyes of an award winning creative photographer
  • You’re part of a big fun international project!