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Face-Tim Portraits Book

Face-Tim Portraits: The Book


After the *mind-blowing* success of the original and largest series of FaceTime portraits, and LOTS of requests, I’ve gone and made a book so you can own a little piece of history.

Thought about getting them done cheaply.
Thought that a once-in-a-lifetime project like this deserved to be done right.

Got in touch with the incredible QTAlbums and got these top-notch, hand-bound, last-several-lifetimes PrimaBooks made so you can show your grandkids what you got up to that time everything stopped for a while. So they’re not cheap, but they are good value – and for the first week they’re on sale so even better value.

Being such incredible pieces of book-craft they need to be pre-ordered. The first 20 project participants to order will go into Volume 1, the next 20 into Volume 2, the nex.. you get the picture.

To easily deal with permissions
if you order a book you’ll be in it,
if you don’t you won’t!

If you’ve not yet taken part you can book in here and be featured in an upcoming volume.

If you’ve taken part in the project but want to shoot again now you know how it all works then please book another session!

If you’ve loved this project but are too camera-shy then please order a copy and I won’t make you be in it.

There’s a UK price and a USA price because, well, geography. Please order the correct one for your country. If you’re somewhere other than the UK or USA and would like to order a copy please email me.

Face-Tim Portraits Volume 1 UK

Sale Price:70.00 Original Price:90.00


Face-Tim Portraits Volume 1 – USA

Sale Price:80.00 Original Price:100.00

  • Each volume will feature 20 participants, 3 images per shoot

  • Books are 8×8” wrapped in soft-touch fabric and embossed with gold text

  • Shipping is included in the price