Louise & Marvin Leeds Pre-wedding photography

Spent a beautifully sunny Sunday in Leeds with these three, started in the Belgrave then took a wander up past the arena to the university and back. Had a lot of fun with them, excited to be shooting their wedding next week! 

Sophie & Johnny Leeds pre-wedding photography

After a few month of chatting to these guys as they travelled around South America it was great to have them back in the country and finally meet up on a delightfully 'Yorkshire' day for their Leeds pre-wedding photography session. By 'Yorkshire' I obviously mean grey and drizzly which I'm sure had novelty value for them if nothing else! By 'pre-wedding photography session' I obviously mean a couple of beers and a wander round town getting to know each other a bit so it's all a little more relaxed come the wedding.Colourful Leeds pre-wedding photoI actually really enjoy having something challenging like a rainy day to work with, it's good for the creativity! Johnny used to live in Leeds, but left ten years ago, which coincidentally is around the time I arrived here - at least I think it's a coincidence!  It was interesting seeing how it had changed since he'd left.Spent a fun afternoon ducking in and out of doorways and carparks trying not to get too soggy, I love how the photos came out, particularly the window lit ones towards the end of the set, taken in the Trinity Kitchen food court hidden behind a taco van so the security guards didn't kick us out haha, I love finding little patches of light in places where you're not really supposed to be taking photos, keeps me on my toes!Really looking forward to their wedding in Cracoe, which they have now assured me is in Yorkshire and not Poland, which I'm pretty pleased about! Will be the first wedding I've shot where the celebrants are all four of the couple's brothers, sounds like it's going to be a right laugh!I'm fairly certain not very many people at all read all the way to the end of these, and my Google-juice-expert friend says I have to write three hundred words, which thanks to this paragraph I've now done. If you're still reading do comment and let me know!If you're interested in having a Leeds pre-wedding session with me (rain or shine!) then get in touch!

Amy & Alex York Pre-wedding

Spent Monday afternoon pounding the pavements of York with Amy and Alex. I love a wander round it's windy streets anyway, but getting  a tour from Amy who grew up nearby was great, it was so much fun combining her local knowledge with my tendency to wander off down interesting looking alleys! By their own admission they'd rather live up here but currently their work means they have to be down in London. I've never noticed the amount of geese around, but Amy certainly did, she was not a fan! Like most couples who book a pre-wedding session, they were pretty nervous about it beforehand, but once I'd explained that cameras are stupid and can't tell the difference between nervous laughter and genuine joy they soon got into the swing of things! They told me afterwards that they'd felt super self-conscious at the start, but by the time we'd laughed and joked our way round half of York (the Whippet Inn?! Really?!) they were happy busting out the PDA's in the fairly busy train station. I think they were just happy not to be standing next to bins for a change (honestly, so often the best photos are by the bins!). Really looking forward to their wedding in Nunburnholme in a few weeks, if you start in York it's on the Highway to Hull, and another step closer to my dream wedding destination of Wetwang. Honestly, look it up, it's an actual place!

Tasha & Stew Leeds Pre-wedding

Had a right laugh with these guys, my kind of people! Been working flat out getting Light Space Leeds, a new co-working space for creatives in north Leeds ready for our opening party on Thursday so asked them to meet me there, finished wiring up the lights just as they arrived so was very grateful to have a good reason to go to the pub and then for a wander around the carparks of Meanwood (started with Asda then went upmarket with a bit of Waitrose!)Can't wait for their wedding in Scarborough in a few weeks time, think I'll be wearing my dancing shoes!   

Lucinda & Jonny Ripon Pre-Wedding

Loved wandering round sleepy Ripon with these guys, started at Ripon Cathedral where they first met. Got given hot cross buns by some nice people on the market square. Nearly went home with both of their phones in my bag but fortunately they remembered just in time! All in all a pretty good way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Bex & Pete Derby Pre-wedding

Second trip to Derby in a week to meet up with Bex and Pete (the first was to visit Format, a fantastic bi-annual photography festival), had a great time hanging out with them both, and found a gorgeous little Sam Smith's pub just around the corner from their wedding venue which was good to know! 

Sarah & Joe Leeds Pre-wedding

Spent a beautiful sunny day - one of the first of the year - having a beer or three and wandering round the bottom of Leeds with Sarah & Joe, before heading up to our very much work-in-progress new co-working space in Meanwood. All in all a pretty great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

London Family Photography - Leigh & Emmerson

I often get couples asking if they could/should bring their kids to their pre-wedding session. The answer is 'yes, if you have someone who can have them for the first part of the session.' Fortunately, Leigh and Emmerson's friends were kind enough to help out, which meant as well as their gorgeous couple session, we were able to then get some great family photos of the three of them together on London's South Bank.

Peak District pre - wedding photography - Craig & Marc

I love the drive to Ladybower reservoir in the Peak District, so it seemed the perfect place for a pre-wedding session with Craig and Marc. We moved the date forward to try to catch some of the snow, and though the blazing winter sun had melted most of it by the time we got there, it made for some pretty awesome photos so all in all was well worth the the trip!

Ellie & David Yorkshire Engagement

This was Ellie and David's first trip to Leeds, they drove up from Essex for this session! Apparently David's workmates were worried for his sanity, but I reckon it was worth the trip!