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Roar Studios

Remote Team Photography – Roar Studios

Roar Studios is a growing tech startup, creating a music metaverse for collaboration and

Authenticity and personality are huge elements of the Roar Studios brand, and they
were looking for remote team headshots to build a visual representation of their culture.

“A cool, authentic look for everyone which reflects
personality and yet has a base of consistency”

As an expanding remote workforce, Roar Studios wanted consistent, high-end photography with an artistic approach to showcase their seriously cool rockstar team on their ‘Meet the Band’ page.

It was important for each member of the team to be represented, and remote team headshots allowed us to do this efficiently, in the comfort of their own homes, and without disrupting their working

Founder and CEO Eric Reid was also keen for the team to have an enjoyable experience, with everyone getting the chance to bring their personality, passion for music, and a sense of self to their headshot.

Remote headshot photography

Each member of the team was booked in for a 30-minute remote headshot photography session, organised to fit around their work and home life and to make the most of the natural light wherever they were calling from.

I always send over a PDF guide so everyone understands the process, then
they just download an app, jump on a video call with me, and I take care of the rest.

“Super efficient and really a great result
for the branding and culture of the company!”

Eric Reid, Founder and CEO of Roar Studios

In an evolving landscape of hybrid and remote working in corporate teams, remote team headshots are an efficient way to capture world-class portrait photography, keeping imagery consistent without compromising creativity.

Remote team headshots with personality

Capturing the personality of every team member was high on the list of priorities, their passion and enthusiasm for music is at the centre of the Roar Studios ethos.

Showcasing professionalism can also be fun and authentic, so their remote headshots give an insight into the humans behind the brand, as well as their musical talents and experience.

‘A creative, efficient, and highly successful process… Everyone on the team is thrilled.’

Another benefit of remote team headshots is that I can photograph new members of the team in the same style, almost as soon as they join the company.

We’re already planning future sessions, celebrating the diverse and growing team, with all the expertise they bring.

The finished images form an important element of the Roar Studios brand identity, providing a consistent creative vision whilst giving everyone the opportunity to be themselves.

How to book your remote team headshots

If you are looking for remote team headshots captured by an internationally acclaimed photographer, then get in touch today.

Wherever you are in the world, I’ll make it easy and enjoyable to create unique headshots packed with personality to elevate your brand.

Sigur Rós

Tim was commissioned to remotely photograph Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós, each at their homes, two of them in Iceland and one in LA, to promote their latest album ÁTTA.

The images were published in the Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, NME, and many more.

“Thank you Tim, this was definitely the most fun photo shoot I have done”

Georg Hólm, Sigur Rós

digital composites by Sarah Hopper @ Big Dipper