Steph & Jamie Leeds Pre-wedding - Tim Dunk

Steph & Jamie Leeds Pre-wedding

Steph & Jamie Leeds Pre-wedding Session

I didn’t think it was possible for me to be more excited for this pairs’ wedding (reasons to follow, keep reading!)  but after a hilarious wander around Leeds in ACTUAL MOTHERFLIPPING SUNSHINE, more excited is exactly what I am!I’ve been hoping to shoot a wedding at the utterly incredible Abbeydale Picture House in Sheffield since I first set eyes on it, shooting a gig there a while back. Fortunately the events side of things there are run by my pals at Inner City Weddings who after working together in the past knew that I’d be the perfect fit for the first full day wedding there.Insanely cool venue aside (and seriously exciting plans for it – sushi ftw) , what makes weddings fun to shoot is the people, and  Steph & Jamie could not have been more fun to spend the afternoon with, as these photos hopefully make clear!