Amy & Alex York Pre-wedding - Tim Dunk

Amy & Alex York Pre-wedding

Spent Monday afternoon pounding the pavements of York with Amy and Alex. I love a wander round it’s windy streets anyway, but getting  a tour from Amy who grew up nearby was great, it was so much fun combining her local knowledge with my tendency to wander off down interesting looking alleys! By their own admission they’d rather live up here but currently their work means they have to be down in London. I’ve never noticed the amount of geese around, but Amy certainly did, she was not a fan! Like most couples who book a pre-wedding session, they were pretty nervous about it beforehand, but once I’d explained that cameras are stupid and can’t tell the difference between nervous laughter and genuine joy they soon got into the swing of things! They told me afterwards that they’d felt super self-conscious at the start, but by the time we’d laughed and joked our way round half of York (the Whippet Inn?! Really?!) they were happy busting out the PDA’s in the fairly busy train station. I think they were just happy not to be standing next to bins for a change (honestly, so often the best photos are by the bins!). Really looking forward to their wedding in Nunburnholme in a few weeks, if you start in York it’s on the Highway to Hull, and another step closer to my dream wedding destination of Wetwang. Honestly, look it up, it’s an actual place!