50 States Remote Photography Project - Tim Dunk - Tim Dunk

50 States Remote Photography Project – Tim Dunk

In a world-first, I remotely photographed one person in every US state – in a single day, from the UK, using the magic of Shutter App.

In a photography world where the conversation is dominated by the fear of AI imagery making photography (and photographers) redundant, this was an attempt to demonstrate the thing the robots can’t replicate – human to human connection!

Every participant was a friend of a friend, or a friend of a friend of a friend! In a gloriously frantic 13 hour period, I connected with these people, spent 3-10 minutes with them, and recorded our connection with a photograph.

As someone who’s never set foot on American soil, I’m completely in awe of the fact I was able to spend time with someone in every single state in a day, and I’m so very grateful to all the wonderful people who gave me a few minutes of their Sunday.

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted there are actually 53 photographs! The chaotic nature of trying to source and book in people, while simultaneously connecting with and photographing everyone meant that there were 3 double bookings – so I got to meet a bonus 3 people!

I wish I’d had more time with each person, and time to make notes on them all, but it was real seat-of-the-pants stuff just trying to get every state booked in while also remotely photographing 53 people! Special thanks have to go to Hannah in Maine who stepped in as zero-notice cover for the one(!) person who wasn’t contactable at the time of their session. Also Zachary in New Hampshire, which was the one place I just couldn’t seem to find anyone for, all through the day until 11.30pm, when he popped into my inbox agreeing to take part – it all so very nearly fell at the last hurdle and he was the hero that saved the day! Also thanks to Drew in Pennsylvania for roping Zachary in haha!

What an absolute ride it all was. Not in a hurry to do anything similar again (the logistics side of things was more than a little stressful!), but it was a great way to demonstrate the power and possibilities of remote photography.

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